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About Traintalk

Traintalk generally

The TrainTalk™ system sets a new standard for reliable railway communication, designed in accordance with both EN 50121-3-2 (2006) and EN 50121-2 (2006) standards. It´s many benefits are that it is cost-efficient with the 2W system, offers quick, easy and flexible installation throughout the railway area in existing and new engine fleets. It has a wide range of equipment options, is easy to use and has awide range of TrainTalk sets. It is maintenance friendly has high quality with components meeting higher industry standards.

What is GSM-R?

GSM-R is short for Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway or GSM-Railway. It is an international wireless communications standard for railway communication and applications. It is a GSM based system which is used for communication between train and railway regulation control centers. TrainTalk supports GSM-R but also TETRA.