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The world's first GSM-R smartphone comes from SED.
Key Technologies

  • Android 4.4
  • Dual SIM card readers for GSM-R and 4G I LTE
  • Dual processors, one for GSM-R and one for 4G / LTE
  • Both GSM-R and 4G I LTE is running simultaneously.
  • Touch operating with gloves
  • Physical keys is used to initiate REC
  • Group call, point to point speech call
  • PTT Function Design
  • Dual-MIC noise reduction technology
  • IP54, railway-oriented and suitable to severe outdoor conditions.
  • Working Alone Alarm
  • SIM lock functions
  • Cell Lock & Cell Forcing
  • Bluetooth.

EIRENE Functions

  • Group Call / Broadcast
  • Railway Emergency Call
  • Functional Numbering Management
  • Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption (eMLPP)
  • Railway Communication Dialing.

Product Specification

  • The First GSM-R smart phone in the world
  • The first GSM-R smart phone for high speed railway
  • Support GSM-R/LTE dual modes dual active
  • Customized based on Android System, satisfying the application of railway industry.