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CH 2000

TiGR-350R/550R charger for train use. Supply 12VDC/24VDC. Including CU-unit, base plate, cradle (Cradle exchangeable for future phone models). Available also without cradle.

Smart and safe call forwarding CH2000 is a unit for charging handhelds and forwarding calls.

  • Recognition of handheld in the cradle, and registration of phone number (MSISDN) in cab radio system.
  • Automatic call forwarding is activated when handheld is picked up from cradle.
  • Automatic disabling of call forwarding when handheld is put back in cradle.
  • Automatic recognition of a new handheld in the cradle. The cradle automatically sends the phone number to the cab radio system. This automatic feature avoids human mistakes, like errors due to manual entering of phone numbers or changing handheld. This unique call forwarding feature gives more flexibility in daily use, but is of great help in emergency situations outside the cabin area.
  • The CH2000 together with the cabin radio system constantly checks the active handheld to avoid that phone numbers getting mixed, for example when the staff in the cabin shifts.
  • The CH2000 serves also as a charger for the handheld, and keeps the handheld/backup solution charged.
  • Compliant with the EN 50121-3-2 (2006) and EN 50121-4 (2006) standards.

We recommend CH2000 for safety reasons!